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About Our Company

To Ascend Your Business to Web & Mobile

"Ascendere" means "To Ascend" in Latin, and our company aims to ascend growing businesses' operations into the Web & Mobile

By using our deep domain knowledge in the various industries, and partnering with industry leading Solutions, we help companies to drive growth and increase revenue while decreasing costs.

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Meet the Team

Combined 30+ years of deep domain experience in implementing solutions for various Industries

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William Sia
Project Director
12 years in managing and deploying IT projects. Enjoys badminton and corny jokes.
Kelvin Lim
Technical Director
12 years of coding good systems. Nothing gets him higher than a good line of code, besides maybe the wife.
Chan Mun Keat
Business Development Director
12 years of listening to customers needs and solving their pain. Loves sports and a good drink (No, not at the same time)